AGFA ADC 5155 Laser Module Teardown (Part 3 of 4)

Teardown of a AGFA ADC 5155 x-ray image scanner / digitizer. Also known as Computerized Radiography (CR) it fulfills the job of scanning a x-ray exposed image plate with a laser beam and extract each pixel illumination with a photo multiplier tube setup.

This particular unit has a very interesting computer that runs on VME framework developed for the Motorola 68000 series CPUs. This can be seen in part 2.

The laser scanner and photomultiplier tube assembly made out a good chunk of the weight, a very heavy, on rubber mounts and sturdy unit built to minimize any kind of external vibrations. This is the teardown video of the laser scanning module, part 3.

To learn more about how photomultiplier tubes work, I did reverse engineering on a PMT module from a AGFA ADC Compact Plus and have some additional pinout information on circuit boards AG-IUP32-8 and AGFA-IUP16 which has square photomultiplier tubes.

Part 4 that is still in the making, will be a video and article about reverse engineering the photomultiplier tube assembly from this Agfa ADC 5155 solo machine. Getting the high voltage power supply unit to run without being controlled by the Motorola 68040 based computer and by reading the PMT output with a oscilloscope.

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