Are You Ready for Your Next Natural Disaster?

Living in South Florida, we have the worst of both worlds: hurricanes and floods. When storms hit, preparation is key. First and foremost, we recommend all-weather mats for your Tesla to not only keep your under carpets dirt and mud free but also to provide a non-slip surface that can contain over a gallon of water in case of spills. We have custom molded our mats to ensure maximum coverage, a superior fit, and extreme durability. The sleek aesthetics are only another added bonus. With Tesla Shields, it’s always a win win!

Secondly, and just as important, we highly recommend having an emergency hammer alongside a seatbelt cutter.

Although Teslas have a reputation of floating in water during a flood, since there is no combustible engine or air intake (which is why they float), it’ll be likely impossible to open your car door during a flood. Another risk one might face is the inability to unbuckle the seatbelt, making it imperative to have a hammer and seat belt cutter handy to safely evacuate your vehicle as quickly as possible. We highly recommend purchasing “Life Hammer Safety Hammer Plus” as they are the industry standard of emergency hammers and hold the best reputation on the market. The plus model is highly suggested over the standard model due to the added plastic reinforcement, making the hammer much heavier and larger to ensure breaking through glass is quite effortless. The plus side is that it also comes equipped with its own seatbelt cutter and clip to attach on the side of the center console or in the door compartment. Find them here at

In addition to the information above, we also recommend that you have an evacuation route and super chargers planned out. If you are charging your Tesla at home, we strongly recommend that you disconnect from your power source once your car is at 90% to minimize the risk of a power surge damaging your car.

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