New Tesla Cars Arriving Without USB Ports

Tesla is delivering new cars without USB ports.

“Yes, I just took delivery of a 2022 Y on Wednesday, and the 2 front USB-C sockets in the front console compartment, are missing,” floisand said in post on the forum. “There’s just two empty holes. Probably no coincidence that the wireless charger pads don’t work either. Really ticked off – the price you pay for a car like this and basic equipment has not been installed. So right now the only way to charge my phone is to run a cable from the USB-C sockets in the back, or lock it in the glovebox.”

At least seven TMC members say their Model 3 and Model Y vehicles arrived in November without USB ports. Tesla has talked for months about the fact that supply chain challenges from the pandemic continue to make some parts difficult to source.

Owners say the cars showed up missing the parts without Tesla notifying them. 

“If Tesla tells people about this up front its less of an issue,” Spidey616 said in post on the forum. “But by just delivering and saying nothing it comes off as trying to sneak things past people.”

It does not seem that Tesla has communicated a fix for owners.

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