Server PSU Hack – Artesyn 7001138 IBM 24R2730, 12VDC 69A 830W

A guide on how to make the, Artesyn 7001138 IBM 24R2730, server power supply run outside of its server enclosure. It might not be a complete teardown, but I do give a quick rundown on how the circuit works, in functions.

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Artesyn 7001138 IBM 24R2730 pinout and schematic

A simple bridge between pin 13 and 15 is required.

Artesyn 7001138 IBM 24R2730 pinout

To reverse engineer a power supply interface by trial-and-error, finding the GND pads and connecting them to other pads through a 1K or 10K resistor is a safe way to probe for possible start up conditions. The resistor is usd to limit the short circuit current, in case you connect two pads that would normally damage the power supply. Follow the discussion over at High Voltage Forum:

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