Showa SP-103 Standalone Xray Head Teardown

Teardown of a standalone xray head from Showa (Made in Japan). Capable of outputting 100 kV at 35 mA for up to 10 second exposure times. It comes as a complete unit with collimator, only to be supplied with 230 VAC and operated with external trigger.

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Xray Head Teardown

The Showa SP-103 xray machine is a standalone unit with input socket for 230VAC, output sockets for trigger and collimator lamp. The control panels features exposure time and voltage selectors along with a few status lights. There is also two analog meters for xray tube current and high voltage supply.

Showa made the tank from soldered brass, encapsulated in lead. The entire unit it oil filled through a port where its possible to change the xray tube through.

The control electronics its rather basic and made up from dials, selector switches, step down transformer, timer circuit and a single relay.

The 100 kV transformer is midpoint grounded and has two high voltage outputs, one from each winding. It is a iron core 50 Hz high voltage transformer.

The xray tube is a Toshiba D-250B that is designed for portable units and to be built in along the high voltage transformer. It has a maximum voltage rating of 125 kV.

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