Tesla at Bottom of Consumer Reports’ Reliability Ranking

Consumer Reports’ recent reliability rankings were not kind to Tesla.

The Tesla Model X ranked dead last alongside the Audi E-tron in the EV category.

The report said that fully-electric SUVs are among the least reliable vehicles.

“They include the Tesla Model X and Y, Audi E-Tron and Volkswagen ID.4,” the report said. “All have a high rate of problems in areas other than the electric powertrain. Some of these problems include climate controls, in-car electronics, and power equipment.”

The report said Tesla’s Model 3 has average reliability, while Model Y has “body hardware issues with the tailgate and door alignment, paint defects, and multiple other problems.” Additionally, the Model X and Model S both have “body hardware, climate system, and in-car electronics problems.”

The 2021 Auto Reliability Report is based on data collected from Consumer Reports members about their experiences with more than 300,000 vehicles. Of the top ten most reliable automakers, eight are headquartered in Asia, with Lexus, Mazda, and Toyota in the top three spots respectively.

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