Tesla coils on America’s Got Talent

We’re finally wrapping up our stint on America’s Got Talent! What a crazy experience that was. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been involved in this process for almost a year, and even though we didn’t make it all the way to the end, we are thrilled with how far we got.

Who would have guessed that hours of studying how to make a Tesla coil would take us all the way to the semi finals of one of the most popular competition shows on TV.. so bizarre. Also worth mentioning, it’s very exciting to be the first to successfully use these machines live on a major TV network! You couldn’t even imagine the politics involved in making all that happen.

One of the hardest parts about being on this show, is just not knowing how long you are going to have to commit to it. On the chance that you proceed to the next round, you immediately have to change your schedule for months at a time. It was tough but we managed to make everyone’s schedule work!

Next on the list of difficulties was the pressure to keep pushing things up a notch. There was an understanding that every round needed to increase in quality and complexity. The rapid hardware development that resulted from this will likely be used in our Tesla coil performances for years to come! Likely the Lightning guitar is the greatest achievement out of all this. Pretty cool that we got to debut it with a rendition of “Iron man” for Sharon Osbourne. No pressure there!

Here’s some more good news guys, even though we didn’t win, we’re getting LOTS of booking requests because of this. We might actually manage to book more and higher paying shows on our own as independent agents. I’m sure people will be asking us for years to come if we are that one AGT Tesla coil show. Yes, yes we are!

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