Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta V9 Will ‘Blow Your Mind,’ Says Musk

How about those unprotected lefts?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been touting the upcoming, feature-complete Full Self-Driving Beta update Version 9, as well as the “Beta Button,” for some time now. Of course, we’d rather have Tesla delay it and launch it fully fleshed out than rush it out with potential problems, however, people are getting anxious.

Now that Musk has said repeatedly how amazing he believes FSD Beta v9 will be, Tesla may be delaying things even longer. It would really be a bad look if Tesla released the new version, installed the download button, and then owners had a bunch of issues or concerns.

Nonetheless, Musk is once again bragging about the upcoming tech. He actually went so far as to say it may be released in about two weeks (we’ve heard comments like this from Musk for years about products and updates). 

In a response to the original tweet, about an hour later, Musk added that Tesla is working to prove that using vision alone is safer than using vision along with radar. However, perhaps more importantly, he said “FSD Beta V9.0 will blow your mind.

If this does, in fact, turn out to be true, it will be huge news for Tesla. This is especially true as other self-driving companies, as well as the media, consider Tesla’s approach to self-driving tech a complete failure. If the system can truly blow these folks away, Tesla wins.

However, the electric automaker has made it clear on a repeated basis that this is still Beta technology, and it’s not actually for “full self-driving.” This makes us, and others, wonder, if it can’t actually drive the car by itself, then what’s so mindblowing?

If you’ve watched the multitude of FSD Beta testing videos on YouTube, you’ve likely seen some mindblowing content. However, by mindblowing, we mean some footage is truly amazing, while other footage can be outright scary to watch. How about those unprotected lefts? Will those scary moments disappear with Version 9? It’s still just a waiting game at this point.

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Source: Elon Musk

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