Washing Machine Motor Burnout and Controller Teardown

I lost my washing machine to the flooding of the basement. I wanted to indulge in the famous Photonicinduction experiment of throwing a large rock into a running washing machine and let it dance for the internet to enjoy. It did not exactly go like that.

The motor controller and driver is a Bitron Electrolux GTD/EE 150111111_00 PCB. Other markings on the inductor shows Elux A00203943. App. Type EMC11EV0. Supplier 1000150470. Boot Ver. BEFE2504 23/04/16.

Washing Machine motor controller

A inductor is placed in series with the mains AC supply to the full-bridge rectifier. A Epcos 330 uF B43231-A93 electrolytic capacitor is used to smooth out the DC bus voltage. The integrated 3-phase motor IGBT remains unknown, as it was soldered down against the PCB.

The microcontroller is a NXP freescale 56F8035 IC. It is a 16-bit 56800E family Digital Signal Controller (DSC) engine with dual Harvard architecture. Up to 32 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS) at 32 MHz core frequency.

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